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Processing of fish scraps and offal is of great importance as they constitute 50 % of the catch. Press-drying fishmeal machines are perfect installations allowing to get fishmeal of high quality and the highest possible output in comparison to the weight of fish that is processed. Besides, it ensures the great storageability of the components.
Our manufactures packaged fishmeal plants for fishmeal and technical fish oil production. All fishmeal machines are mounted in the form of one single unit. Quick assemblage and the need for little space are distinctive features of fishmeal machinery. They may be installed onboard fishing boats as well as on coastal factories.  The major use of fishmeal is a dietary supplement for farmed fish, poultry, ruminants and fur-bearing animals, providing proteins not supplied in plant derived feeds. Fishmeal comprises from 2 % to 10 % of the feed depending on application and need. Beneficial effects include up to 15 % improvement in fattering and 4 % improvement in growth. Fishmeal is considered to be a source of lysine and amino acid methionine. That is why it can be applied for increasing of the growth of animals. Besides, fishmeal reduces dependence on synthetic amino acids.

The advantages of our units are:
1. All fishmeal machines are mounted in the form of one unit.
2. They need little space and time for installation fishmeal unit. Our units can be installed on board the fishing vessel as well as at the coastal factories.
3. Electro-energy and steam consumption is less than in the fishmeal units of other producers because transfer connections between aggregates are minimal.
4. Our fishmeal units’ weight is less comparing with other companies’ machines.
5. As main aggregates are compound in one block the units need less personnel for their operating.
6. The heat consumption is low when the processed product is transferred from one aggregate to another.
7. Fishmeal units’ design has reached simplicity owning to screw presses and rotor-disk dryers usage and at the same time the units proved to be reliable and it is very important in our time because many machines with bad quality appeared in the market.
8. The high rate of cooked mass dewatering provides for not full actual load of the dryer – it helps to decrease dryer’s dimensions and the consumption of steam and energy.
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