Fishmeal unit RMU-5

This compact unit is intended for the production of fishmeal and technical fish oil from fish wastes and less valuable breeds of fish for shipboard (on medium size industrial vessels) and stationary (onshore) installation.

Technical characteristics:
1. Processing capacity of raw material tons per day - 2-5
2. The size of raw material - not more than 10 kg pieces
3. The quantity of meal obtained from raw material, % - 14-16
4. Steam pressure, Mpa - 0,5
5. Steam consumption, kg/hr, maximum - 120
6. Condensed water, coming back to the boiler, kg/hr, maximum - 116
7. Water consumption, m3hr, maximum (without circulation) - 5,4
8. Total ratings of electric motors, kWt, maximum - 20
9. Operating personnel - 1
10. Final product obtained by using the unit fishmeal of State standart - 2116-2000
11. The temperature of the fishmeal going for packing,0C,maximum-30
12. Dimensions, mm, maximum:
- length - 7500
- width - 3200
- height - 2220
13.Weight (Mass), kg, maximum – 6000
Parts of the unit and mode of operation

The unit consists of the following parts:
1.Assembly for raw material preparation – RMU-
2.Assembly for heat processing RMU-
3.Transportation and packaging block RMU-
4.Control panel RMU-
5.Setting tank RMU-
6.Steam generator (boiler)
7. Chopped raw material screw conveyor RMU-

The fishmeal unit is a complex of blocks and parts assembled into complete technological line. Assembly for raw material preparation consists of raw material bunker with screw conveyor, a chopper. Chopped raw material screw conveyor consists of a bunker reservoir and a screw with motor-operated drive.
Heat processing assembly consists of a cooker, a screw press and a dryer, a magnetic device, an ionol feeder and an irrigation chamber.
Transportation and packaging block consists of a milling machine, a magnetic device and an exhaust centrifuge cyclone.
The settling tank consists of 2 compartments and a screw pump. The mode of operation is as follows: raw material comes to the receiving bunker from which it is transported by the raw material screw to the chopper. From the chopper crushed mash goes to the bunker from where it is passed by the screw to a cooking tank. From the cooking tank the mash moves to a cylinder with a press. The press removes water with oil and this liquor is sent by pump to the setting tank. Pressed out baggage goes to the dryer. It is dried being moved along the dryer stirred all the time and comes out at the other end of the dryer as large – grained fish meal. This fish meal mixed with antioxidant goes through a magnetic device, then it is absorbed into a milling machine where it is grained and is moved by pneumatic transfer into a centrifugal discharger and from there it goes through a lock and a sack holding device into a sack. The moisture evaporated in the process of drying is taken away by the air that passes through irrigation chamber, is cleaned from suspended parts of flour and is exhausted by a fan into the atmosphere.
The liquor in a setting tank, which has two compartments, is divided according to its density into the slime at the bottom, light liquor in the middle and oil on top. The slime is taken to the dryer by the pump where it is mixed with large -–grained meal and dried. It increases the quality of meal. Oil passes in a tank for storing. The light liquor is evacuated.

To install the fishmeal RMU-5 unit on the shore it is needed:

1.Water supply and water cleaning system or sewage disposal.
2.Electrical supply 380 volt, 50 Hz.
3.Space room 24 m2.
Warranty is given for 12 month starting from the day the unit is put into operation.
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