Fishmeal and fish oil maсhinery RMU-60

Our factory manufacture and sell aggregative fishmeal and fish oil units (A1-IzhR, RMU-60), fishmeal units (I-7-IVB, RMU-5). These machines proved to be reliable onboard fishing boats as well as in coastal factories. Due to their compact construction the units require minimum space and are designed to be installed in the shortest time onboard fishing boats and in coastal fish processing factories.
Fishmeal and fish oil maсhinery RMU-60 is intended for production of fish meal from fish waste and less valuable breeds of fish installed in coastal fish processing factories as well on board fishing boats.
In order to make the boiling of fish raw material better bunker with screw conveyer (which is heated by steam condensate) and boiler with thin layer of raw material boiling are installed in RMU – 60.
Instead of rotor – disk dryer rotor – tube dryer is used with the system of heated air discharge under pressure, it helps to get fodder fishmeal of better quality and it also reduces manufacturing cost of the product.

Technical characteristics fishmeal and fish oil maсhinery RMU-60:
1. Productive capacity (of raw material), tons per day - 55 - 60;
2. Operation - continuous
3. The size of raw material pieces with mass of not more than - 10 kg.
4. The quantity of fishmeal ,obtained from raw material, % - 18 -23
5. Steam pressure, Pa (kgf/sm2) - 5х105(5)
6. Steam consumption without vacuum–evaporating system, kg/hr, max - 1300
7. Fresh water or brine amount (5oC) for cooling fishmeal, kg/hr, max - 1000
8. Brine pressure , Pa (kgf/sm2) - 6х105(6)
9. Fresh water consumption of separator, m3/hr max - 0,05
10. Total engine power, kwt, max - 110
11. Operating personal - 2
12. Final product obtained: fishmeal and technical cod-liver oil
13. Dimensions, mm, max - 8900 x 5900 х 4400
14. Weight (mass), kg, max - 25 000

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